Parkside Primary School

Dream, believe... achieve --- RĂªver, croire... atteindre

Creative Arts

Statement of Intent

At Parkside Primary School the teaching of Art aims to equip children with opportunities to investigate, experiment, express and communicate their ideas in order to develop the necessary skills and knowledge. Children explore through mediums of their choice in a safe environment where they can take risks and be original. The creative arts is a landscape of many colours which allows for every child to enjoy, build confidence and achieve; this encapsulates our school motto of ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’. Opportunities are given for children to use discrete skills from music, art, dance and drama across the curriculum but also, more importantly, allows freedom of choice – creating independent learners and artists. Creative Arts at Parkside is a celebration, embracing contemporary, classic and cultural influences which will broaden the children’s horizons for their life outside the classroom.

 Creative Arts in Primary School

The National curriculum aims to provide pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens. Statutory guidance says that the national curriculum ‘introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’ (The National Curriculum, DFE 2015)


Creative Art at Parkside 

We aim to help children access a rounded curriculum which includes the creative arts: Art, Design Technology, Drama and Music.  Creative arts are weaved through our school curriculum and go hand in hand with the National Curriculums aims – we want children to do well in core subjects but believe that with the addition of foundation subjects a ‘whole’ educational experience will be enjoyed by all.

Children take part in fun, inspirational activities at Parkside: visiting theatre groups, Junction Take over, school trips to enhance learning, projects for homework, themed weeks, regular weekly singing assemblies, Young Voices Choir and a variety of clubs etc.


Have a look at the 'What are we learning?' section on each year group's page to see what they are covering in the Creative Arts.


Links to Parkside Adventures Passport and things to do at home!

  • Listen to music
  • Visit to the theatre
  • Visit a media museum
  • Visit a sculpture park
  • Experience Shakespeare
  • Create something amazing from LEGO

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